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Below are some of our experiences, information bulletins, happy moments, funny stories and more. Narrowboats are our passion and we want to share them with you.



Jeep GPA lands at Galleon Marine!

We had a Jeep GPA using our slipway yesterday. These were made in 1942-43 and around 12,000 were made. They are very rare as most have rusted away but this prime example was working and looked in fantastic condition.

Rowboat 'Kingfisher'

Nearing the end of the next rowboat rebuild, this one is called 'Kingfisher' after the many sightings this year just beyond our boatyard. Most of the work has been done by Will, who is working with us for a few months. Just the outside, deckboard and seats to do then it can go in the water.

Captain Hornblower

The other day I got to thinking about horns on narrowboats and if there was a code of use, after a quick google I found out that there is but I wonder how many boaters actually know about it or use it!
Thanks to narrowboatinfo.co.uk where I found this out.

Brilliant Buddleia Bush!

Happened upon this fantastic Buddleia just on one side of Colt Hill Bridge, each centre flower is around a foot long! and the scent is amazing. If you're passing look out for it.

Keep Net-1 Dawn-0

I had a call out during the torrential rain today to remove a fishermans keep net from the propeller of Dawn (one of the Accessible Boats) Luckily it only took 10 minutes so the guests could get underway and enjoy the re

What's in the Weed Hatch?

It is amazing what you find wrapped around a narrowboat propeller, so far this year we have had 2 crayfish nets, a ladies top, a jumper, a hoodie, some rope and today we found this nice combo of plastic bags, fishing line and rope.


Thank you everyone who has taken the time to write a review on Tripadvisor. Small businesses like ours rely heavily on word of mouth and providing a service that people want.

Back on line again!

After what seems a huge downtime, we are finally able to rely on our telecoms again. The culprit was a tree which had stretched our phone line to the point where it was almost useless. From now on we hope to post regularly about events at the boatyard.

Magna Carta Weekend Approaches

We are all excited about the celebrations over this weekend. The boat rally at Colt Wharf is now expecting 20 visiting boats all decorated up with bunting. We have our birds of prey display and a jam and chutney stall on site.

Improving our picnic area

After painting our garden furniture, installing an artistic medicinal herb feature and new planting, we thought it would be a good idea to place a gazebo at one end of the garden for those not so nice days.