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Hi, I am Arthur. I love working with mechanical and electrical things and narrowboats combine them both! I started life as an apprentice for a large manufacturer involved in optical electronics and then went into the servicing of large medical and nuclear monitoring equipment before moving into molecular biology product design and manufacture. For the past 10 years I have designed and developed websites for both small and large organisations. I have also run a few businesses. Now, with my wife, I have left the hectic business world to focus on keeping Galleon Marine boats well maintained and to improve the boatyard environment. My love of narrowboats started with Chris Timmins who had his own boat, and Karen and me have shared many trips travelling the canal system with him. There is nothing like Narrowboating for making you relax. Unlike many other passtimes, you cannot rush as rushing to the destination serves no purpose, it is the journey that is the enjoyment. The ability to slow down, look around at our beautiful world and really relax is what I like most. I hope your holiday with us brings the same peace and relaxation.

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