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Below are some of our experiences, information bulletins, happy moments, funny stories and more. Narrowboats are our passion and we want to share them with you.



Halloween 2016

We will be open on Halloween until 6pm so you can enjoy a spooky halloween row on the canal, which looks spooky as the evenings draw in at this time of year. It will be dark by around 5pm so you have time to enjoy yourself. why not enjoy a hot drink in our gazebo?

Father and Son Kayak

We were lucky enough to experience the end of a truly marathon kayak by a father and son from the lake district to Odiham which took 15 days to complete. I believe that they were raising money for a cancer charity. If we can find out more accurate information we will post it up on our site.

Save the Rhino Kayak

Well done to George and Mark who completed a 20 mile kayak on Saturday. The also had to contend with temperatures approaching 30 degrees! Mark is a student at  Merristwood and raised money for the Save the Rhino charity who are linked with the Shamwari Nature Reserve in South Africa.

Yarrh Tis a Pirate Ship

We have a new table and chair unit with a pirate theme. Why not pretend you are a pirate for a while and have your ice cream or a drink in the boat.

Mid March Sunshine

The weekend of the 12th & 13th March was a wonderful sunny one, albeit a bit cold. We had all our rowboats out at one point together with a handful of kayaks. The kiosk sold its first ice creams of the year too.

2016 here we go!

We have begun getting the rowboats back in the water. They are all refurbished for this year with new woodwork, paint and ropes. The picture shows 'Kingfisher', one of our 6 seater rowboats being launched.

Old Look Flushed Away

We revamped the outside of our toilet block as it was looking a bit sorry for itself. With the aid of lots of tile batten we have spruced it up to look a bit more friendly. The inside will be next

Jeep GPA lands at Galleon Marine!

We had a Jeep GPA using our slipway yesterday. These were made in 1942-43 and around 12,000 were made. They are very rare as most have rusted away but this prime example was working and looked in fantastic condition.

Rowboat 'Kingfisher'

Nearing the end of the next rowboat rebuild, this one is called 'Kingfisher' after the many sightings this year just beyond our boatyard. Most of the work has been done by Will, who is working with us for a few months. Just the outside, deckboard and seats to do then it can go in the water.

Captain Hornblower

The other day I got to thinking about horns on narrowboats and if there was a code of use, after a quick google I found out that there is but I wonder how many boaters actually know about it or use it!
Thanks to narrowboatinfo.co.uk where I found this out.