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Boat Storage Hampshire

We have a number of plots to store boats up to 30 feet in length.

Access is given to all storers and we have CCTV trained upon all boats to provide a level of confidence & security.

Storage price is based on the boat length, not the trailer and at present the price is £4 per foot per month.

A 16 foot boat would work out to 16 x 4 = £64 per month

Mains power and water is available at a small charge of £5 per day if you need to clean your boat or carry out minor repairs.

Another advantage is that if you store your boat with us you can use the slipway free of charge as long as you launch your own boat. If we provide assistance using our vehicles the charge is £20 per slip (a slip in and slip out is 'one slip').

Plots available today = 0

All Boat Storage is subject to our terms and conditions which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page

We will need to hold a copy of your boat insurance certificate.

If you intend using your boat on the canal you must also have the appropriate license. The Basingstoke Canal Authority (BCA) does ask us to provide information regarding boat ownership and contact information and we are obliged to provide this as part of our operators license. You can contact the BCA on 01252 370073 or visit their website here Basingstoke Canal Authority