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Odiham Raft Race Entry Form

By completing the following form you are certifying that you agree to abide by the rules of the competition. We will not use your information for any marketing purposes or pass on to any third parties. It will only be used to process your entry for the Odiham Raft Race 2021.

Entry is FREE to teams but you must register to secure a place.


For Children teams the captain will be a non rowing passenger
Team Member Names
Enter up to 6 full names that make up your raft team
1st Crew Member*2nd Crew Member*3rd Crew Member4th Crew Member5th Crew Member6th Crew Member
Team Member Positions
Enter Skipper, First Mate, Chief Stoker, Navigator, Purser, Cabin Boy/Girl. One position against each team member name
Crew Position 1Crew Position 2Crew Position 3Crew Position 4Crew Position 5Crew Position 6
Team Member Ages (if under 16)
1st Crew Member (Age if under 16)2nd Crew Member (Age if under 16)3rd Crew Member (Age if under 16)4th Crew Member (Age if under 16)5th Crew Member (Age if under 16)6th Crew Member (Age if under 16)

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