Hazel - Cruiser Stern Narrownboat

4 to 6 berth

Length: 47 ft Berths: 3 double berths, 2 double berths + 1 single berth, 2 double berths + 2 single berths

Hazel is an ideal family boat but is also a good size for 2 couples whilst keeping the front salon for relaxing and eating. It can accommodate up to 3 couples in 3 cabins (1 permanent double cabin) but the front salon will need to be made up into either a double bed or 2 singles. The rear bunk pulls out to a double bed or it can be left as a single bunk. The boat has diesel powered heating and a hot water tank. The kitchen (galley) is a good size with 4 burner hob, grill and oven, there is an under counter fridge with a small freezer compartment. The bathroom has a small bath with shower, wash hand basin and flush toilet, There is a 19” flat screen digital TV on board with a built in DVD player and there is a DAB Radio with Bluetooth and plenty of USB charging points for phones etc.

Hazel has a 240v Mains inverter at the rear of the boat that will power devices up to 500W. A 500w hair drier is provided. The inverter will power; camera battery chargers, hair tongs up to 500W, shavers and laptops. Energy efficient LED lighting is fitted throughout.

Also on board are 4 USB charging sockets for phones and tablets.

The boat can be configured in 4 different sleeping arrangements as shown below. The 2 single beds at the front are the salon seats during the daytime.

Daytime Layout

Sleeping Layouts

Option 1 – 3 singles and 1 double

Option 2 – 1 single and 2 doubles

Option 3 – 2 singles and 2 doubles

Option 4 – 3 doubles