Colt Hill Wharf, Odiham

Colt Hill Wharf in Odiham was, when the Basingstoke Canal opened on 4th September 1794, one of 10 working wharfs where goods were loaded and unloaded on their way to and from London and at various locations along the way. As the canal was planned as an agricultural waterway the main goods taken to London were corn, timber, textiles and paper. Coal was the main cargo on return from London. Chalk was also carried from the Odiham chalk pit eastwards to act as fertiliser on the acid soils to the north and east of Odiham.

Today the Basingstoke Canal is still an important asset but people are now the only goods that narrowboats carry. Colt Hill has become a hub for leisure on the Canal and is used by five businesses; Galleon Marine Boatyard, John Pinkerton Cruises, Accessible Boating Organisation, The Basingstoke & Deane Canoe Club and PaddleSUP.

The wharf is also just down the road from Historic Odiham, the first entry in the Hampshire Domesday Book. Today it has interesting shops and a number of pubs and restaurants, a great place to explore and a number of walks around the area include the canal towpath.