Folding Bikes

Need a Bike for your Holiday?

After a few of our hirers asked about bringing bikes on board and being told that they couldn’t, we now have a couple of folding bikes that be taken on board. The problem with bikes on the Basingstoke Canal is the low bridges. Full sized mountain bikes do not fit in the fore deck area, the aft deck or on the roof. These folding bikes have 6 gears, a great comfy seat, a carrier on the back and are unisex but most importantly fit in the foredeck area whilst allowing crew to get on and off the boat. They can be hired at £10 for short breaks and £20 for week breaks. Ideal for just popping to the shop to pick up the papers, milk, bacon or a bottle of wine! Due to space available and to maintain safety, we can only allow 1 bike per boat.