What does the insurance you offer cover?

  • We insure our boats and their equipment against physical loss and damage and against public liability risks.  You are entitled to any protection that may be afforded by the Company’s insurance policy (subject to Your paying any applicable policy excess) but You and members of Your party may become legally liable to the Company or to third parties for loss or damage caused or contributed to by Your acts, omissions or negligence.
  • The Company’s insurance policy does not cover personal accidents or Your personal belongings and does not cover the first £250 of any claim. You and your party are advised to take out your own personal insurance cover.
  • The Security Deposit is intended to cover the Company’s policy excess and any uninsured risks or other sums due to the Company under the Agreement.  The Security Deposit is not the limit of Your potential liability to the Company. A security deposit of £250 is required (£75 per person is required for larger non family groups).
  • The Company may apply the whole or any part of the Security Deposit to payment of any claim which the Company may have against You. Otherwise the Company shall promptly refund the Security Deposit by cash if it was paid by cash or card refund if it was paid by card. As soon as the Company is satisfied that no loss, damage or accident has occurred and that no other sums are due to the Company from You.
  • Instead of paying the Security Deposit You may pay a Damage Waiver of £75 which covers the insurance excess of £250. The Damage waiver is not available to larger non-family crews.