A recent ATOL report in December 2023 states that holiday makers are looking for different holidays, rather than the normal beach package holiday. People are choosing more sustainable travel options and like to deal with companies that have a better social record and who focus on their environmental impact. A UK narrowboat holiday meets some of these objectives such as; no air travel, employment of local people and a low carbon footprint. You would think a diesel powered boat would be terrible but in fact all of our boats added together have a carbon footprint equal to a small petrol car.

Another trend is that people are taking more experiential holidays. Since Covid, we are all keen to try something new, in new places, rather than repeat the same old habits. A narrowboat holiday requires driving a boat, operating locks, lift bridges, swing bridges, mooring up and keeping everything ship-shape. This may sound like a lot of work but everything is done at a gentle pace and one that you set.

Wellbeing is also high on the list. We all have busy lives in a heavily digital world. Holidaymakers are looking to escape from this overload, to reboot, relax and feel refreshed when they return home. One important factor is sleep. 33% of UK holiday makers say that they sleep better when on holiday. Again on a narrowboat you call the shots. You go to sleep and get up whenever you want with no pressure to do anything. So, if you have never tried, why not give narrowboating a go!