We had a Jeep GPA using our slipway yesterday. These were made in 1942-43 and around 12,000 were made. They are very rare as most have rusted away but this prime example was working and looked in fantastic condition. Thanks to Nigel who gave me a quick ride in it around the winding hole and back! great fun.

The Ford GPA “Seep” was a World War 2 amphibious jeep built for the US Army between September 1942 and June 1943. It was designed by Roderick Stephens Jr. of Sparkman & Stephens Inc. who were yacht designers. The vehicle was developed between Marmon-Herrington and Ford Motor Company.

Inspired by the success and efficiency of the World War 2 Ford GPW Jeep, Ford received a contract to manufacture a jeep that could navigate in the sea as well as on land. Around 12,778 GPAs were manufactured, and of these, very few have survived.

Several Ford GPAs were sent overseas to Europe as part of the Lend-Lease program, in which the USA sent equipment to their allies.

The Ford GPA “Seep” was designed initially to transport soldiers to and from offshore ships; unfortunately, due to the heavier than expected weights required to be carried, the GPA sat too low in the water and couldn’t handle the force of waves. The GPA proved to be too slow and clumsy on land, and not effective enough as a boat on water. Production was halted in March of 1943